VoIP phones can have a magical impact on the way small businesses communicate. But whether you're going for a Panasonic IP PBX or any other VoIP phone system, your selection has to be right to match the general requirements of your organization as well individual needs of every user. Therefore, there are important considerations that you may want to take into account as you contemplate how to set up your VoIP office telephone system. 

Here are some important factors for the selection of the right Contact Center Systems for small business applications: 

Who are the System Users? 

The choice of your IP Telephones will be determined by a lot of factors, but these won't work unless you're able to identify the individuals who will be using the system as well as their respective roles. Are you buying a VoIP phone for small office use, or you're setting up massive call center systems? Each user will have needs that only certain features of the VoIP system can help resolve. 

What are the Features That Identified VoIP Phone Users Require? 

Your Panasonic telephone systems must accommodate the functions that your staff is responsible for. In certain situations, VoIP conference calls will be important, while in others, the ability for managers to monitor or records calls is preferred. Call forwarding and virtual receptionists are also vital depending on circumstances.  Check out this website at and know more about VoIP. 

How Many Simultaneous Incoming Calls Does Each User Anticipate? 

The number of line appearances needed will be dictated by the number of simultaneous incoming calls you expect each user to handle. In the case of the average office worker, may be 3 to 5 line appearances will do. Yet, more than 10 line appearances may be important to administrators, operators, or even receptionists. 

What's Your Current Bandwidth? 

You're going to be placing calls over the internet. Keep in mind that the real time transmission of data such as voice or video requires a broadband internet, unlike what the case is with sending emails or text. Thus, make arrangements to upgrade your internet bandwidth, and ultimately, speed. You can work this one out with your current ISP, and if they're unable to support your high-volume internet traffic needs, find another provider. 


The above are some of the issues you have to think about when setting up your VoIP phones for office communications. Certainly, you'll have to consider your budget too, particularly when deciding between a hosted and on-site Panasonic telephone system.